Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BIG Valentines Day Giveaway - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!

We'd like to thank everyone who took part in our BIG Valentine's Day Giveaway. It was a huge success! Not only did our sponsors donate some amazing prizes, the turnout was fantastic too! We're so happy with the results that we'd like to do another large giveaway, soon!

Now, for the moment you all have been waiting for..... It's time to announce the winners! If you see your name listed below, please contact the sponsor so you can claim your prize. Be sure to thank them for their generosity. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.

Please note: Some of our sponsors donated more then one item. When claiming your prize, please remind them which prize you won. They'll be checking in here as well, but to speed things along, it would really be helpful. You can contact the sponsor by clicking their name :)

If you need a reminder as to the details of your prize, please take a moment to check the details that accompany the item you've won. You can do so by going to the album and pulling up the photo that matches your win.


Tiaras and Trucks
Amber Karstetter-Nicks

Handmade For you By Me
Natalie 'Erdahl' Karas

Megan Curtis Independent Arbonne Consultant
Jodi Kendrick Trinklein

The Brookie Cookie
Laura Hallock-Heitkamp

Penny Pinching Polly
Terri Latta

A Quote to Remember
Sarah Shult

Not Soap Radio
Holly Hamill

Handmade For You by Me
Heidi Reall Daily

Scentsy Wickless by Karen
Justine Reynolds

Ellen Finnerty

Tiaras and Trucks
Helene Hering

The Daily Goodie Bag
Jessica Bendel

Positively Whimsy
Angie Davis Payton

Dee's Candles
Kat Balog

Sugar n Spice
Jocelyn Weiss

Erica's 31 Gifts
April Terry Nantz

Bella Kole Photography
Heather Parker

Expressions of Faith
Crystal L Allen

Kreations Juzt 4 U
Susan Neill

My Lil Monkeys
Autumn Eaton

Tiaras and Trucks
Rhonda Bailey

Megan Curtis Independent Arbonne Consultant
Amanda Green

Silly Moon
Michelle Danielson

LS Jewelry Independent Advisor Louella
Christy Grimsbo

A Quote to Remember
Amanda Alvarado

Rosy Bows
Shelly Blur

BowBiz Dog Bows
Mistea Glass

The Crochet barn
Sheryle Hulet Bleashka

Heartmade Sisters Creations
Christina Eberhardt

Shannon Griffith

Pamela Schmidt Baldo

Sugar n Spice
Renee Duffield

Beautify with Mark
Melody Song

FlySolo's Creations
Mary Ann Keener

Kay's Country Crafts
Lj Johnson Smith

The Daily Goodie Bag
Lois Paisley Leamer

A Quote to Remember
Michelle Combs

The Daily Goodie Bag
Charlotte Parrish

Taya Rose-Marie Linville

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers
Ashley Scrappinpinkpiglet

Independent Scentsy Consultant KC Dickerson
Lauren Swagbucks

KoUntRy Kreations
Vee Delgado

Megan's Sewing Creations
Shelly Blur

Rosy Bows
Rachel Blumer Hale

Silly Moon
Susan Neill

Mags Legs Handcrafted Baby Wear
Jaclyn Edwards

Bleu Bird Designs
Angie Davis Payton

Super Coupon Lady
Heidi Bickenheuser

Parties by Veronica
Nikki Fox Muroski

High Heels and Boot Creations
Just Another Modest Mom

Belly Charms
Brigette Collins Holland

Mommy's Moments
Jennifer Deck

Get Lit Now PartyLite
Priscilla Hancock

Thirty-One Gifts by Jessica
Darlene Arnold

The Daily Goodie Bag
Jane Farrell Allen

Independent Scentsy Consultant Melissa Miller
Nicole Addison

Mod Mum Baby Slings
Shannon Rogers

Tee and Tota
Mary Ellen Mayes

The Wild Tangent
Amanda Culbertson Moutos

Ariel Henry

Mark Girl Liz
Donna Aliemenious-Never

Toque Cute! Hats and Caps
Tracy Anderson Shaffer

Ape Bilbrey

Ashley Lintz Independent Scentsy Consultant
Kelly Henault

Jangle Sisters Custom Charm Bracelets
Kelleigh Baines

Bringing Home Romance
Janene Scarborough

Deanna Board (Pampered Chef)
Nicole Fiduccia DeFontes

It Pays To Be A Social Beauty
Victoria White

Wendy's Miche Bags
Jessica Luongo

The Chocolate Girls
Suzanne Miller

Charm Factory
Melissa Marty

Rhodan + Fields of Atlanta GA
Michelle Ragland

S Anthony - Recycled and reclaimed Jewelry
Deborah Cunningham Martin

It Pays To Be A Social Beauty
Jessie Bendel

Spa @ Home with Jordan Essentials
Renee Woods Goldinger

Megan's Sewing Creations
Chey Smith

Votre Vu by Denise Watson
Machell Duke

Shannon Carpenter (Thirty One Gifts)
Kayla Black

Dragonfly Kisses Jewelry
Jodie Corbett

It Pays To Be A Social Beauty
Tasha Kay

Diane Jackson (The Pampered Chef)
Kimberly Conover Dickerson

Lil Ladybug Charms
Ashley Brouillette

Olena Boyko Designs
Joyce Price

Just For Fun Parties by Rosemary
Heather Parker

My Pixie Girl Ruffles
Colorful Jewelry Designs

Pixiekids Toys
April HippoBottoms

ButterBeans & ChicPeas
Audra Gibson-Garner

Arm Candy Jewelry
Kayla Burkett

Ashia's Thirty One Gifts
Megan Curtis

ZAP Sweet Treats
Nikki Brazier Bergin

Discovery Toys - Wendy Mears
Serena Bozek

Oh Boy! Baby Designs
JoMi KaEv Resale

Willow House with Loree Drawbaugh
Ashia Freebee


Belly Charms
Michelle Rae McCoy

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Diana Bradford Hatch

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers
Jessica Meyers

Bluebird Bath Company
Kimberly Conover Dickerson

Penny Pinching Polly
Heather Copeland Klos

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Nicole Berry

Tiaras and Trucks
Audra Gibson-Garner

Not Soap Radio
Jean Young

Quote Crazy
Kelly Rettig

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Heidi Morris Neace

Heartmade Sisters Creations
Christmas Helper

Flysolo's Creations
Katrinia Freeman

Mark Girl Gail
Chantal Thibeault

Bluebird Bath Company
John Kershuk

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Brianna Carey

Baby Baubles and More
Ivonna Freeman

Lee-Ann Webber-Warner

Angel Lily Bows
Allison Cheek Ziff

CGs Cloth Diapers, Soakers & Longies
Jerri Stewart

Tee and Tots
Paula Caudill

Mommy's Moments
Lisa Garner

Fragrance Frenzy
Karen Clark

Carol's Boutique
Heather Bruggman

Le Cheap C'est Chic
Crystal Woods

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
Joseph Payson

Melissa Hayes (The Pampered Chef)
Linda Brewer

It's Mamalicious
Joyce Price

Lori Rain
Adrienne Zedella

Dove Chocolate Discoveries Chocolatier Heidi
Brandy Watkins

Kats Kreations
Valerie Peace

BTips & Cp
Janis Newberg Rogers

Puddlefoot Tees
Brianna Yates Neal

Tickeled Pink Boutique
Monica Escalante

Sweet Marie Designs
Lorraine- Jeff England

Malicious Treats
Vivian Ramirez


  1. WOW!! My Name is on here!!!!
    WOO HOO!!! I won the Lori Rain Necklace!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Well, I didn't win anything, but thanks for running the giveaway! It was fun!

  3. i won too! i never win anything! thanks bunches!!

  4. This was a great giveaway. Very well organized and thought out. I appreciate everything you guys did. Not a winner this time but will be back again. : )

  5. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the sponsors that donated!

    Thanks to the ladies at the daily goodie bag for all your hard work! We appreciate you <3

  6. Yayy! I won a Scentsy Buddy!!! I am so excited!!

  7. Dang it!! I didn't win either!! Lol. But it was a great giveaway... Congrats to all of the winners :)

  8. Yay I won the Pampered Chef prize!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Congrats to all the winners! I'm just sorry that I wasn't one of them.

  10. Even though I didn't win, I appreciate all that you have done. I'm sure it's a lot of work to organize something like this and a lot of time. Thanks also to all the sponsors!

  11. Whoohoo won the exercise shirt! Thanks so much!!!!

  12. You have no idea how much it means to us, to see such excitement, kindness and happiness. THIS is what it's all about! I've said it before and i'll say it again.. The Daily Goodie Bag has the BEST FAN/MEMBERS EVER!!!!

  13. Thanks for hosting this. I am so happy I won

  14. whoo hoo I won yeah thank you so much.

  15. Awesome what fun this was and thanks so much for having a great giveaway! ;-)

  16. Thank you so much for all the time and effort that you put into this giveaway! So much fun!

  17. Thank you so much!!! I am super excited that I won the pixie kids prize!!!
    April Hippobottoms

  18. I'm so excited that I could sing! This is the best prize I've won in quite some time. I've been DYING to try 31! Thanks so much TDGB! You ladies rock!!!


  19. Didn't win... but it sure was fun to browse all the great products. Thanks for doing this!

  20. I am one of the winners. What do I need to do to collect my prize?
    ~Darlene A.

  21. Not me oh well congrats everyone

  22. Congrats everyone!! To claim your prize, find your name and then click the link right above it. It will link you to the facebook page of the sponsor who donated the prize that you won. Then, post on their wall (or send an email if they have one listed) letting them know you won the prize they donated in the BIG Valentine's Day Giveaway for The Daily Goodie Bag. If you can also let them know exactly what you own, that would be helpful, as some sponsors donated more then 1 prize.

  23. Thank you so much! I just contacted my prize donor. I'm so excited!

  24. That darn just don't like me :(

  25. Thank you so much! I am so excited about the sweet pea onesie for my girl that I always call Sweet Pea.

  26. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  27. Thanks for organizing this and to the sponsors for donating!! Didn't win, but had fun trying!! =D