Winners Circle

The Daily Goodie Bag would like to formally congratulate all of the lucky winners who've won a giveaway we've held. We'd also like to thank you all for being such awesome members. It's because of your continued support that we are able to do giveaways.

The members listed below are past winners from giveaways we've held. Some are winners from our blog and others are winners from our Facebook page. New photos will be added often! Could you be next? Be sure to enter all of our giveaways for your chance to win!

BONUS: If you win one of our giveaways and provide us with a photo of you with your prize, you'll not only be added to the winners circle but you'll also be eligible to win EXCLUSIVE giveaways! That's right, members of the winners circle will soon be part of a special group. There will be surprise giveaways just for these users.

Ivonna F. (Custom Ornament)

Darla M. (Beautiful Bracelet)

Jill C. (3 Pack Unwind Beverages)

Charlotte P. (Coffeemate coupons)

Ronalee D. (3 Pack Unwind)

Teresa P. (Starbucks Gift Card)

Michele S. (Vivatar Digital Camera)

Dayne W. (Target Gift Card)