Ways To Earn

Looking for an easy way to earn cash, gift cards and prizes? These are some of my FAVORITE ways to earn. I am a member of each one and can vouch for the validity. I use these everyday and swear by them. I won't ever post links to money making places that I have not personally verified on my own.

Shop It To Me: This is a very easy way to earn FREE gift cards. Shop it to me is a website which delivers designer brands at DEEP discounts, right to your email. For every 10 friends you refer, you'll get a $10 gift card of your choice (no purchase needed). It's really that simple. There are no forms (other then the initial sign up of course), no survey's, no tasks to complete, no credit card info, no nothing. All you do is refer people. I personally choose the Amazon gift cards. What will YOU choose?

The Mini Social:
Earn a $20 credit to their website, for every 5 friends you refer (no purchase needed). Hurry, this promo expires 3/13/11

Swagbucks: I have been a member since December of 2008 and continue to use their website every single day. You earn digital dollars which you then redeem for prizes (cash, gift cards, electronics, dvd's and more).

Zoombucks: Zoom bucks is just like Swagbucks. Earn "bucks" for searching the web or doing small tasks. Trade in your "bucks" for prizes!

Irazoo: Similar to Swagbucks and Zoombucks but you can earn additional points (up to 100 per day) for rating websites. 

Sponsored Tweets: This is a great program. Advertisers will pay you to advertise on twitter for them. You set your own pay rate and choose which advertisers you wish to promote.

Beezag: Funny name, serious cash! Get paid for watching short video clips. While the video is playing, 2 numbers will scroll across the screen. When the video is done you will be prompted to enter the 2 numbers you saw. If you enter them correctly, you are awarded points. You then redeem those points for cold, hard cash (paid via PayPal).

Crowdtap: Great app! Not only can you earn Amazon gift cards very quickly, but you also earn money for a charity of your choice. 5% of your winnings are donated to the charity you choose, and crowdtap matches it with another 5%. how great is that! All you do is complete very simple tasks and get rewarded instantly. you can cash out at $10 and believe me, you'll get that FAST!

Check out our blog post on how to become a Mystery Shopper with intelli-shop! Get PAID for going shopping! Legit site. They actually pay and you can choose which jobs you sign up for.

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