Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*Limited Locations* Buy $1.00 Keychain from Wendy's and get a FREE Jr. Frosty per purchase for a YEAR!!! Ends 1/31 So hurry!

Find your local Wendy's Here!

Call your local Wendy's because it's unknown how many are participating or offer the keychain.

Mommy VoNuff posted that her local Wendy's has  $1 keychains (available through the end of January), that when presented when you make a purchase let you get a free Wendy's Jr. Frosty!! 1 FREE Jr. Frosty Per Transaction/visit thru 12/31/11!! An ENTIRE year of FREE Jr. Frosty's!!! Where was this when I was prego?!?! LOL I craved Frosty's so bad...had one daily for a LONG time! All proceeds from the sales of these 'keychains' go to a charity!! How awesome is that?! Big thanks to GimmieFreebies for sharing this info and even bigger thanks to Mommy VoNuff for sharing her AWESOME find! I seriously think this is the best freebie find in awhile LOL That's how much I love Frosty's! :) Let us know if you call and get one and where you are so we can help other fans know where this offer is available.


  1. I had one and used it all of last year and was so sad when it expired in December. But then I saw it last time I went to Wendys I just HAD to buy it. I know I'll use it lots and it's only a dollar for a good cause. It's worked in the few Wendys I've frequented here in the Chicago area. :)

  2. Yeah even if you only use it 5 or 6 times I think its worth it. Especially since it's for a good cause. So far I haven't found a local Wendy's that is selling them here in Arkansas. Glad they have them in Chicago!! And thank you so much for leaving a comment. :) You made my day!!!!! ~Caity~