Monday, December 6, 2010

Swagbucks Tips and Tricks - How I shop for FREE!

I wanted to take a moment to explain what swagbucks is and why you should join. You'll see me referencing this site fairly often, and you should know why I speak so highly of it.

Swagbucks is a LEGITIMATE search engine where you earn virtual money just for searching the web. You use it just like you would use google, yahoo or ask, only with swagbucks, you actually earn prizes (gift cards, dvd's, ipods, ps3, autographed items and sooo much more)! Even better is that there is no catch and you NEVER have to give personal info such as credit card info, ssn, or anything else that should be kept hush hush.

Upon joining, your account is automatically credited with 30 swagbucks to help you get started. You’ll find that within your first search or two, you'll win a swagbuck (or 12 lol). Those bucks are then added to your account and in a short amount of time they will build. For some this is a matter of days, and for others it may take months. It all depends on YOU! Which brings me to my next tidbit..

Ways to quickly earn swagbucks
1. Do legitimate searches on the swagbucks website. Say you want to look up a recipe for cheesecake (just an example). Use swagbucks to search and you may be rewarded with swagbucks. Here is what it looks like when you win. I did a search for amazon gift cards and won 13 swagbucks.

2. Download the swagbucks toolbar. It is completely safe and does not contain any adware, spyware or viruses. Once installed, you will see a button that says “From TSG”. Whenever TSG (the swag buy) is giving out codes in the toolbar, that’s where it will be. You’ll want to check your toolbar often and as always, enter the code into your account asap as they do expire.

3. Become a fan of swagbucks on your facebook and twitter accounts. They post a lot of codes in those 2 places.

4. Install the swidget on your facebook page. You’ll have fast access to check for special codes that are only given to swidget users, as well as hints for any code hunts that may be going on. Again, codes have an expiration so enter them as soon as you find them.

5. REFFERALS! I can’t stress that enough! Referrals are the FASTEST way to get swagbucks rolling in. You will get 1 swagbuck for every swagbuck your friend(s) for the 1000 they earn. That does NOT include codes. So lets say a referral of yours just did a search and won 15 swagbucks. YOUR account will be credited with 15 as well. You only earn the bucks from them if they earned it by searching the web. After your friend(s) has reached 1000 from searching, you will no longer receive swagbucks from said friend. That’s why it’s important to have as many referrals as possible. Trust me, it adds up fast. I have already cashed in my swagbucks for over $300 worth of amazon giftcards.

Which reminds me! Make sure to connect/link your swagbucks account to your facebook account. That way, anytime you search and win, or you redeem a prize, all your facebook friends can see it. This really helps with getting referrals since people are able to see it's for real!

6. When you purchase something from the swag store with your swagbucks, take a video of yourself opening the package. You earn swagbucks just for doing that as it shows the naysayers how real they are. Also, take a photo of you holding your new swag. Again, you will get swagbucks for doing so.

7. Read their blog often. You’d be surprised how many codes get posted there.

8. Submit a poll and if yours is chosen, you will be credited with 10 swagbucks!

9. Trusted Survey's! This is a brand new feature (debut was 6/8/10) and I personally love it. Basically you take survey's and earn swagbucks for doing so. The amount you earn depends on the survey itself but it will show you how much you can earn for each one before you attempt them. If you're familiar with survey taking then you know you don't always qualify for every survey out there. That's ok. There are numerous survey's available to you all day long! The survey's you see in the morning aren't necessarily what you'll see in the afternoon or evening. You earning potential is limitless using this method!

10. DAILY GIVEAWAYS! You can earn 3 additional swagbucks every single day, just for doing the following.

  • Refreshing your toolbar. After it's been 24 hours, refresh your toolbar. You'll get a FREE buck!To refresh the toolbar manually, click on the little black arrow to the right of the swagbucks logo. A drop down menu you appear and you'll see "Refresh Toolbar". Click that and voila! Toolbar will refresh.
    Note: The toolbar will also refresh if you open a new tab :)
  • Voting in the daily polls. This takes all of 2 seconds to do and voila...another FREE buck!
  • Skipping through the no obligation special offers. Simply go to the special offers page and click on the red button that says no obligation. Skip through the 5 offers and your third FREE buck will appear. Again, all bucks earned are automatically added to your account.

To be honest, there are so many ways to earn swagbucks, I would be here all day just telling you about it. Just try it out for yourself and you’ll see how easy and addictive it is. There’s nothing to lose by trying it. Since you don’t need to give out any personal info, what’s the harm right?

So if you’re ready to earn FREE prizes, click the link and join me! If you have any questions, just ask. I am here to help :)


WARNING!!! NEVER give out Swagcodes! It is against the rules to post swagcodes and your account can be deactivated for doing so. The ONLY time this is allowed is when "The Swag Guy" is running a promotion for new signups. In such a case, you will be informed. Otherwise, NEVER post a swagcode

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