Monday, December 6, 2010

FREE 30-Day Trial to EpixHD Movies

     Epix is a television movie channel similar to HBO, but BETTER! Rather than the wait time for a recently released movie to air 12 months from its theatre release, EpixHD releases them in 9! That's 3 months sooner than you would be watching them on your very expensive HBO or Showtime channels!

     Even better, right now they are offering a FREE 30DAY trial! No address needed, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED and if you don't have cable to try it out on, they'll give you the same trial for! I just registered and since I don't have cable when it asked for my service provider I marked other. The sign up was a piece of cake and took no more than 30 seconds to complete and then right there on screen I was presented with my code for my free trial to their site! Check it out for yourselves here!

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