Thursday, March 3, 2011

X-Acto Contest - Each unique and valid submission gets a voucher for a FREE X-Acto Knife!!

Check out the X-Acto Contest!! Submit your idea for a chance to win! Three lucky winners will win CASH prizes! The more unique your use, the better, because each unique, valid submission will receive a voucher for a FREE X-ACTO knife!! Let us know if you try for this one!!


  1. Well I can use this awesome x-acto tool for many things in business n home at home I would use it for preparing quesadillas. It's perfect for cutting the tortillas the perfect size for my quesadillas maker. I would use it of house as a box n letter opener. I would use it for scrapebooking, to cut the perfect shapes. Also to make picture colleagues the fine point would be perfect for exact cuts. I make professional cakes and use fondant on my cakes. The x-actor is small enough n the right angel n shape to fit in my hands for cutting fondant. This tool would be perfect to cut on the exact spot the extra fondant needs to be cut also to cut the shapes and designs that are put on the cake. I could use it to fix n tailor my husbands jeans. He likeschis jeans to b the perfect length and x-actor it perfect to use as a cutter.

  2. Cooking Mama that sounds awesome!! :) Make sure you submit your idea on their website because I'm sure they would give you a FREE X-Acto Knife!! :) Good Luck!! ~Caity~