Thursday, March 17, 2011

SiberEye fixed my Computer!!!! Yay!!!

As many of you know, I've been having computer issues since around October. It was constantly getting worse. I began to start crashing daily and multiple times a day. I'm talking like 20 times a day at LEAST. It was bad. It's very hard to run a page when you need to be online and you need to post things quickly. I knew I had some viruses, but was unable to find them with the programs I was using on my Computer. I had entered a giveaway back in January to win a Consultation with SiberEye. While I didn't win that giveaway, I knew I needed to get in touch with him. There are tons of places locally I could have taken my computer to, the problem was that I couldn't be without my computer. I needed to be able to be online and still able to blog and update our page. The awesome thing about SiberEye is that he can work on your computer where ever you are!! They use a program to access your computer remotely and they gain control of your computer so they can look at what the possible problem is. So I contacted him and told him the issues I was having. He said that he figured he could get me fixed up with no problem. Another thing I loved about SiberEye was that he worked around my schedule. I would email and tell him when I could let him work. He suggested removing the current programs I was using to protect my computer and replace them with the one he used. Apparently by me running 5 programs for anti-virus and anti-malware and things like that - they were counteracting each other and not working properly. He also helped me burn another awesome program to check my computer from the boot up screen - which found several Trojans. He double checked everything when we were done and I paid a VERY reasonable price via the phone. I also got a receipt for my payment via SMS. I am SO very very pleased with the work he did. I haven't crashed in over a week and my computer speed is fast again!! If you are having computer issues and are looking for an affordable place to get help...SiberEye is the place for you!! Hopefully I can maintain a virus-free computer now - but if I ever have problems again, I know exactly who to call!! You can also find SiberEye on Facebook. Note that they are new to facebook and because he is so busy fixing everyone's computers and things...he doesn't update his facebook page often. But you can call or email him via info from his website and he will get you fixed up. Big thank you to Paul for getting me running right again!!! 


  1. awesome review! Glad he could help you! Told ya he was very intelligent computer oriented! Bless you

  2. He is awesome and I am so grateful!! :) It's so nice to not be crashing every 10 minutes LOL Thanks girl for your help with this too!! So glad we met!! :) ~Caity~