Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Play Marlboro's Rope Slinger Game for your Chance to win a FREE Bandana or Belt Buckle!! (21+ Only)

Play the Marlboro Rope Slinger Game and get past Level 1-6 for your chance to win prizes!! This is for people 21 or older. First 10,000 will win!! Finish Level 1 and you get a Bandana!! Finish Level 6 and you get a Men or Women's Belt Buckle!! This one takes some practice...you have to hit the A or D key while alternating with the J and L keys to get 'your speed up' and make sure your mouse is already in position over the 'target'. When you get a completely red circle and you think your speed is up to par - click the mouse over your target. I am not an expert by any means - I just know it took me a minute to figure it out LOL. Good Luck and be sure to let us know how far you make it!!

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