Sunday, March 13, 2011

**HOT** Marquis by Waterford Brookside Set of 4 Goblets (regularly $100) - $36.83 (FREE SHIPPING)!!

Anyone who is familiar with Waterford, knows how expensive their products are. It's with good reason though. They are top quality and built to last! That's what makes this such a phenomenal deal! If you head over to Amazon right now, you'll find Marquis by Waterford Brookside 8-Ounce Footed Wine Goblets, Set of 4 for only $36.83 (with free shipping)!! These HUGE savings!!

They also have the champagne flutes, wine glasses and iced tea glasses (same line) for $39.99, with FREE shipping! The best part? These all qualify for the buy 3 get one free deal! So for a little more then the price of 1 set, you can get 4 sets ($400 worth) of high quality, name brand Waterford Crystal!

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