Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Moms Meet!! Host parties/meetings with other moms!!!

Become a Mom Ambassador Today!
The Mom Ambassador Program is a network of confident, charismatic, and commited moms who are enthusiastic about parenting and green living.

Mom Ambas­sadors lead groups of par­ents in dicus­sion meet­ings, and act as ambas­sadors to present top­ics, prod­ucts, and ser­vices that they think would be valu­able to the par­ents in their communities.

Being a Mom Ambas­sador is a great way to:
~Learn more about rais­ing health­ier kids
~Meet new friends
~Receive free prod­ucts and ser­vices for your group to review
~Receive a Mom Ambas­sador Gift just for you
~Be a voice for your com­mu­nity and influ­ence green prod­ucts and services

Ready to be an offi­cial Mom Ambassador?
Apply­ing takes just three easy steps:
~Fill out the Mom Ambas­sador survey
~Com­plete the Mom Ambas­sador training
~Agree to the Mom Ambas­sador terms and conditions

So be sure if you are a Mom you sign up for this one! Today I received 2 boxes for a Earths Best Organic Playdate Party which included: 20 coupons for free jars of baby food, coupon for 2 free box of teething biscuits, 20 infant cereal samples, 2 packs of Earths Best Tots flushable wipes, 20 Earths Best Baby Bibs, 20 Earths Best feeding guides, and 2 American Baby Magazines!!!!!! So head over there now to apply to be a Mom Ambassador!! Keep us updated on playdates/parties you get selected to host! Apply here!

They have a new login page and you can now view all sampling opportunities and read about the ones you are interested in and sign up when you get the email invite!! :) 

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