Monday, March 21, 2011

**Great Buy** Jerry Baker's Backyard Problem Solver Book!!

Jerry Baker's Backyard Problem Solver: 2,168 Natural Solutions for Growing Great Grass, Super Shrubs, Bright Bulbs, Perfect Perennials, Amazing Annuals, ... Terrific Trees, and Much, Much More! on Amazon!! This is a GREAT book! It has awesome reviews too. I was just talking to our awesome fan Renee W. about this book I used to have with tons of natural homemade remedies for things in your garden. This is the book! I am going to order another one because somehow over the years I lost it. This book has solutions to keep bugs off your plants, while also being safe. It has tons of other fixes and mixes too! Things to help with grass, trees, other plants and vegetables. Great information. If you have never heard of Jerry Baker....he's awesome at what he does. I highly recommend this book (and many other Jerry Baker Books). We've used several mixes (and shared the recipes with my Dad too) and they definitely work! If you have any experience with this book or others - share with us! We'd love to hear your stories!

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