Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get FREE Gift Cards and FREE Products From Juicy Juice

Juicy Juice has a neat program, called The Juicy Bunch. In an effort to increase brand awareness, members who join (it's free) are eligible for FREE Juicy Juice sponsored parties as well as FREE gift cards. You complete little tasks on their website which will earn you points. You then take those points and redeem them for gift cards (amazon, target, etc). It's very easy and quite fun!


  1. I think the link is broken :( if you click the juicy juice bunch, it takes you to a page for juicyjuicy.com, and says the domain is for sale? :) it does sound like fun however, will have to search for the link! Thnks for tthe info! :)

  2. When I clink on the highlighted blue link, it doesn't take u to the juicy juice offical web page. Here is their link