Thursday, March 24, 2011

**FREE** Trial with Netflix + 1000 Swagbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swagbucks has a GREAT offer going on right now! Sign up for a FREE Trial of Netflix and get 1000 Swagbucks!! That's insanely good! Renee and I both did the Free Netflix Trial through Swagbucks and only got around 500 Swagbucks! PLUS, Netflix is awesome! I have continued my subscription and we all love it! Now, when I signed up for my FREE trial through Swagbucks - I was able to use my Paypal account to sign up instead of a Credit Card. Not everyone has this option. You will need to enter some sort of payment information to get the FREE trial. However - you can use an old prepaid credit card with some change on it...and not have to worry about forgetting to cancel. Note - you do not get charged to do the Free trial - they just need payment info because they do automated billing for the time after your FREE trial. Sign up before they lower the swagbucks!! Let us know if you get this deal!

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