Thursday, March 3, 2011

**FREE** Prescription Glasses from Coastal Contacts!!!

CoastalContacts (FB) is an AWESOME company! They have given out thousands and thousands of FREE pairs of prescription eyeglasses! And they are going to do it again on the March 15th at 12pm EST for people in  Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas per the email I received and their Facebook page!! You do have to pay shipping on this Freebie, but its normally between only $10-$15 and you can pay through paypal. You ONLY pay shipping for these glasses, which is a GREAT deal! My whole family has gotten New and FREE glasses from CoastalContacts (FB) over the last few months. Some are designers! You'll want to be prepared for this freebie. Go ahead and head to  Coastal Contacts SITE and pick out a pair you like. You can search by frame size, color, designer. You can even use their Visual Mirror (located on the left of the page under the glasses tab) to virtually 'try on' different frames! Very cool! So find the perfect frames for you and bookmark the page. Then make sure to get online a little early on the 28th. The giveaway is 'Live' at 12pm (EST). So I would recommend having the glasses in your cart and ready to enter the code by 11:30 (EST). Sometimes there is an overload in people trying to get on the site and pick out glasses right at 12pm, so be prepared. Then you just enter the code they give you on their Facebook page (Free Glasses Tab) to get your FREE glasses! You will need your prescription which you can easily get from your doctor. Note that my prescription was expired, but I was still able to get glasses. Be sure to share this GREAT freebie with friends and family. Sometimes glasses can be an expensive burden some people can't always afford, but thanks to CoastalContacts EVERYONE can get the glasses they need for the cost of shipping!! Be sure to 'like' them on Facebook to show support and stay in the loop for future giveaways. If you've gotten a FREE pair before, you will not be able to get another FREE pair. Let us know if you or someone you love snags this Awesome Freebie!!!

When: March 15th, 2011
Time: 12pm (EST)
How many pairs? 5,000
Code: unique to user

Promo Codes valid starting March 15th at 12:00 (Noon) EST. Codes are valid for 24 hours from start time.
How it works:
~Sign-up to receive your unique free glasses coupon code. (One promo pair per customer, previous free recipients and duplicate orders will be canceled)
~Each code will only work for the date and state for which you are signed up for. Please see the terms and conditions for complete details.
~Before the promotion date, make sure that you have your updated prescription and PD ready. On the date of your state's promotion, go to and enter your discount code at checkout.

~Doctor didn't list PD on Prescription? No worries!! Just take some glasses and a marker...head to a mirror and look straight into the mirror with your glasses on. Then take the marker and mark a dot where your pupils are. Measure that distance in millimeters...and voilĂ  you have your PD measurement!!

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