Wednesday, March 9, 2011

**FREE** NeilMed Neti Pot with 50 Packets of Nasal Wash for CF Patients!!

NeilMed NetiPot is giving away more FREE Neti-pots with 50 FREE sample packets for CF Patients!! Click on the 'CF' Tab on their Facebook page. When you click on the button to get your FREE Neti will load a new page and you can choose between a Neti-Pot or Sinus Rinse Kit. This is an AWESOME freebie! So act fast because these won't last long!! Also if you previously signed up for their freebies and didn't get them, you can post on their wall, email, or call them and your Freebie will be sent out within 2 days. Let us know if you snag a FREE Neti-Pot!!

Per App on Facebook:
GIFT of NeilMed Neti Pot with 50 packets for nasal wash to all CF patients. Nasal Irrigation is an excellent way to clean mucus from the nose making medication more effective. They also clean allergens, irritants, bacteria and viruses from the nose reducing the frequency of infection. Furthermore, they help decrease swelling in the nose and increase air flow.Products were developed by Ketan C.Mehta, MD, a pulmonary medicine specialist and founder of NeilMed pharmaceuticals. NeilMed Neti Pot is # 1 physician recommended and # 1 selling product in the USA and Canada when it comes to Neti Pot system for nasal irrigation.

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