Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FREE Hand Bags From NoMoreRack!!! (US Only)

I LOVE when NoMoreRack does promos like this! This is how I got my FREE iPad!! This time around though, NoMoreRack is giving away FREE handbags...and a FREE $10 credit (use code P1070)! Best of all, there's no limit to how many FREE handbags you can claim.....and NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!! Here's the 411 on this fantastic 72 hour promo:

1. You need to be a member of their website. Sign-up is a cinch! You don't even need personal info! Just your name and email address. That's it!! You can enter you mailing address when you claim you free hand bag(s).

2. Refer your friends! Each person that signs up using your link, gets you closer to a FREE hand bag (or several hand bags if you choose).

Neither you  nor your referrals need to purchase anything. This is 100% free (even shipping). All you do is refer people!! Here's the fine print though. You must be a US resident to participate. That means your referrals too. Only users in the US can win, and only referrals in the US will count.

Are you ready?? Sign up and start referring your friends / family! You have until 3/11/11 at midnight (est) to get as many referrals as possible! GOOD LUCK!

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