Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Full-sized Bottles of Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gel for ONLY 99cents Shipped!! Hurry - won't last long!!

Buy 3, Save $3 at Medco on their Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gel!! You can get 3 full-sized bottles (8 oz) for only $0.99 Shipped!! Just add 3 bottles to your cart. Your total should now say $0.00...if it doesn't and says $2.97 - then click back and click on the link in the picture that says 'Buy 3 Nexxus Products, Save $3.00'. Now just click on your shopping cart at the top of the page and your total should now be $0.00 with a Savings of $35.97!!! Click on Checkout and you'll need to either login or create a new account. Now the create an account was messing up for me with Auto-fill...the checkmarks were where I needed to type but I refreshed and was able to create an account with no problems. Once you create your account - go back to your shopping bag and click on checkout to start the process. Choose Standard shipping to get the 3 bottles for ONLY 99cents Shipped!! So awesome! Let us know if you grab this deal!

Big thanks to The Christmas Fairy for the heads up on this one!


  1. Snagged it! Thanks for posting!
    This shipment includes the following items:
    3 Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gel - 8 fl oz $.00
    3 at $.00

    Subtotal: $0.00
    Medco Health Store Standard Shipping: $0.99
    Estimated Tax: $0.00
    Total: $0.99
    Total Savings: $35.97

  2. Yay!! So glad you got it!! :) I had to grab it up too just because it was too good of a deal to let it slip past me LOL. I don't really need anymore volume for my hair - but my mom does use that stuff. :) Yay us!! LOL ~Caity~

  3. I completed the order on March 17th at 230pm est and everything and then they cancelled it (I don't know when they did). You may want to check at Medco in your account and orders to see if they cancelled yours as well..
    I emailed them just now to ask why it was cancelled will see what they say and let you all know.
    Best of luck hopefully yours wasn't cancelled as well.

  4. I didn't get a chance to do this one but Caity did. By the time I had a moment to place my order, I saw that people were having their orders cancelled (while others received shipping notifications). I can only assume they ran out? ~Renee~