Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Thorough Explanation of Bid Rack & The FREE Apple iPods, iPads and Macbook Air

**APPLE PROMO IS EXPIRED** It seems as though some of you are a bit confused as to how Bid Rack works. I wanted to sit down and explain this in depth and it really is a great website. Also, for the next 2 days, you have the ability to earn a FREE iPod, Apple TV, Ipad or Macbook Air (explained towards the end). This may be a tad long, but I wanted to make sure everyone completely understood so they don't miss out.

Bid Rack is a fairly new auction website. It's owned by the same company that owns No More Rack (a daily deals website with seriously low prices on name brand items. Enter code P1070 for a FREE $10 credit). I participated in one of there promotions recently, and won this iPad (seen below) for FREE! I didn't even pay for shipping. I was very skeptical at first too but since it didn't cost me anything to give it a try, I gave it a go. As you can see, it paid off!

Anywho, back to the subject at hand. Bid Rack is an online auction website, where you can score HOT items at low. I'm talking rock bottom! Here's how it works...

You'll first have to become a member. Membership is free and very rewarding! Let's say you're in the market for a 42" HD TV (one sold on there today for $52). You would first purchase a bid pack so you can start bidding. Bid pack start as low as $27, however, if you buy the $60 pack, you are GUARANTEED to win or they will give you all of your credits back. They will continue to do this until you win an auction. So essentially, you're spending $60 (for 100 bids) and getting an unlimited amount of bids until you win the item you want.

You'll spend $60 on a bid pack but you get 100 bids plus a free spin (which is more free bids for ya). So, far, you've invested $60 into the TV (though you can use the bids on anything). When you bid, you can sink them all into one auction item, or spread them over several. It's your choice. If you don't win your first auction, it's ok. Try again. There will be another TV'll have your 100 bids credited back.

So, now you're trying again to get that flat screen. This time you win with an ending price of $52. You're now the new owner of a brand new, name brand (today I saw Samsung) flat panel HD TV! And what did you pay for it? You spent $60 on your bid package, $52 on the item itself and $2 for shipping (shipping is always $2). A grand total of $114 for an $800-$1000 TV. Is that not AWESOME??

As an added bonus, for the next 2 days (on top of these great auction going on around the clock), you can score FREE Apple products & FREE bids, by referring your friends. Get 3 friends to join and purchase a bid pack (even the small one) and you get an iPod shuffle. Get 10 friends to join and buy bid packs, get an Apple Tv. The more friends who join and buy a bid pack (which as you can see is a wonderful thing), the better your gift! Heck, you can get an iPad for only 35 referrals who purchase a bid pack! Join BID RACK and earn one of these goodies seen below! Remember, the Apple product promo will end on 11:59pm on 2/26/11, so don't delay!


  1. This website is a SCAM!!! Don't do ANYTHING WITH THEM!
    Read those:

  2. Hi Stanko - we are no longer using blogspot - check out our site at for the most recent posts. That website isn't a scam. Renee participated in a contest - won a prize. Then she bought a bid pack and has won several items in the auctions and received them super fast. Anyone can make a website and say things are scams. We know first hand they are not a scam. :) Thanks for your concern!