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~QuoteKrazy Review~

Facebook: QuoteKrazy

About the owner and why she started, in her own words:

I love going Quote Krazy! I started this business over a year and a half ago because of my love for vinyl lettering. I saw my first quote about 9 years ago the first time I met my sister-in-law. I thought she wrote it on her wall. When I found out it was a sticker, I was immediately in love. One of her friends did it on the side. So when I got back home from vacation, I looked it up on line. To my surprise there were tons of websites out there. Then a couple of months later, I was invited to a party for a large vinyl lettering company. I went crazy and spent almost $300 on my first order. From that point forward I was hooked. But then life got in the way, I had a baby and had my new love. It was only until my family started to suffer from this crazy economy that I started looking at vinyl lettering again. I thought, how hard could this be. I contacted a couple of companies to see if they were looking for consultants and not many would respond. So I said Fine, I will just do this all by myself. I was saddened that no one out there wanted to give me any advice on how to get started. I did a ton of research on the internet, ordered from another company to see exactly what it might take. I found a place to get my vinyl, plotter, designs and just went crazy. Then I was at a friends new house when I walked in and said, I could go Quote Krazy in here and that’s when it hit me. “Quote Krazy” I loved it.. That was going to be the name of my company. I hired a friend to help me with my website and it launched in July of 2009. It was the most amazing moment ever. There were a lot of tears during this process as it was a tough ride. But once I got onto facebook, my business more than doubled. I have met many amazing people during the journey. I have had so much support from friends and family. And now I have so many amazing customers, who are now a lot more. Many of them have become a part of my family.

I love what I do... I love my business and I love making people happy and excited to decorate. It’s my passion. One of my favorite customers left me the best review ever, It said, “I got my stuff today! It’s like butterflies in my stomach every time I open a package from you”. I started to cry and thought, wow I have really done this. And I love every bit of it. It can only get better from here! ~MJ~

The Review:
Okay, I won a wall decal in a giveaway on facebook. I've always LOVED wall decals. A few months ago I won a huge one for my girls room. Decals are a great way to add a special touch to any room, or even a car! For this decal I won, I was able to choose any decal/quote from the Valentines Collection and in any color of my choice. It was so hard for me to choose one because they were all so cute! For those that know me, even picking what I want to eat is a tough and long decision process for me. LOL. So I ended up choosing the 'Love One Another' Quote in Black. I was so excited! Rarely do I win the main thing I want in a giveaway. So I contacted the sponsor I won from,, and sent over my info. She was very quick to get back with me, and make sure that the decal I chose was what I wanted. When the decal arrived, it came very nicely boxed up, and included detailed instructions, business cards, and the decal rolled up and tied with a pretty ribbon. I couldn't wait to unroll it and read the directions so I could get it put up on my wall!

The instructions were simple, roll the decal out flat and smooth it. Then you figure out where you want to place the decal. I chose my focus wall in my living room. So per the instructions, I found some tape and got the decal lined up, and taped to the wall exactly where I wanted it. Then I carefully peeled off the bottom layer of paper from the decal, and slowly smoothed it down, 'sticking' it to the wall. The instructions then said to 'Rub' the application onto the wall using a hard, but soft edged device. I didn't have a tongue depressor or plastic scraper, so your going to laugh at me, but.....I used a battery. LOL. It was hard - but round...and it worked perfectly for me! I worked from the center out - like the instructions stated, until I was fairly confident it was completely secure and 'stuck' to my wall. Then, I very carefully, peeled back the top layer. There were a few pieces that were not completely stuck to the wall as I was peeling the top layer off - and since I was going very very slow, I would stop and push that area back down and get out my 'Battery' to rub that area down some more. This may have been because I used a battery, not sure. But it was easy to go back and rub and then try to peel it off again, making sure it was secure to reveal my new beautiful Wall Quote!!
 The Decal Close-Up and on My Wall!! :)

The results were spectacular! It's amazing what a decal or wall quote can add to your home. Great way to personalize and spice up any area. You can use these wall quotes and decals in your living room, kids rooms, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, the list goes on! They can also be placed on windows or mirrors. Once you get one, you will fall in LOVE. All of your friends and family will be asking where you got it or what exactly it is. GREAT conversation piece. They also make great gifts. Who wouldn't love a decal?! A crazy person thats who! lol Kidding. But seriously, if you browse her will see exactly what I mean. So many options, your opportunities and selections are endless. Don't like the pre-made quotes? Get a Custom Quote with exactly what you want!

 Above is an example of some of her work - she does more than just Wall Decals! This is a Display Tile custom made for one of her customers. Isn't it TOO cute! I love it!
 Above is another example of her work - a plaque. Very pretty!!
So many possibilities on her site!

Above is yet another example of things you can get at QuoteKrazy! Adorable mugs, personalized for you or a loved one! I'm loving the polka dots!!!

The customer service from QuoteKrazy is spectacular! You have tons of options to get exactly what you need or want. She can work with you to design that special something to add personality to your home, office, or car. Her prices are very reasonable as well, which is a BIG plus in this economy!! And GUESS what?!! She's donated one of her most popular quotes for our Valentine's Party event on Facebook!! So make sure to like her page (links can be found above) and check back in with us for your chance to win an AWESOME decal of your own!!! How great is that?! If you've won an item or purchased from QuoteKrazy, let us know your experience and how much you LOVE your stuff!!!!

All thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in ANY way for this review. 

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