Thursday, February 24, 2011

**FREE** SOYJOY Bar when you Take a Dare!!! (Facebook)

'Like' SOYJOY on Facebook and click on the 'Do You Dare?' Tab. Then click on the screen or on the 'Click here if you dare' and Allow the App. Now just 'Take a Dare' and they will send you a FREE SOYJOY Bar!!! You will also have the opportunity to win other great prizes. After you submit your Dare...check your email. NOTE* It will NOT ask you for your email address. It gathers that info when it asks you to 'Allow' the App. You should receive an email if you successfully submit your Dare with a Link to request your FREE sample. The linked page in your email will have a form for you to fill in your address. The application was messing up for me and I didn't think it was working because it never asked for my email address, but I just happened to check my email and see the one from SOYJOY. Let us know if you scoop this freebie up!!

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