Friday, February 18, 2011

**FREE** Personalized Pens from Amsterdam Printing!!!!

Click on the “Request a Sample” above any pen under $5 on the Amsterdam Printing site and you can request a free sample!! You can request more than one of these!! PLUS you can personalize them!!! I signed up for one several months ago and they keep sending me free pens every so often. I get a new and different one each time. They are nice pens too. Some come with your Business name on them or the name you register with. Let us know if you score some of these!!!! 

If you want it personalized - They go by your shipping info to automatically personalize the pens/pencils for you. So whatever business you want them to say - put that info in the 'Company' field. Whatever name you want them to say needs to be put in the field for who it will be shipped to. :) 

Thanks to awesome fan Tammy for the heads up that if you click on the 'Canadian Flag' in the upper corner - Canadians can get this one too!!