Thursday, February 3, 2011

*FREE* Cheez-It Sample! (On Facebook)

'Like' Cheez-it on Facebook and click on the 'Choose Cheese' Tab then select a cheese of choice to fill out the form for your FREE sample of Cheez-It's!!! Our household LOVES Cheez-It's! Great freebie! Thanks to awesome fan Brittany for reminding us of this one!! Supplies are limited, so hurry! Let us know if you snag one!


  1. I selected but no form came up. Just a blank page. : (

  2. It's loading fine for me in Chrome - I just tried it again. When the page loads, after you choose your cheese, look at the bottom left and click on 'Get a Sample'. Then a form will pop up for you to fill out. :) Sorry you're having issues Johanna. Hope it loads for you soon. :) Have a wonderful day!! ~Caity~