Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FREE Apple Products (iPods, iPads and MORE)!!!!

Some of you may remember the promo's that NoMoreRack did, where you'd earn Apple products by referring friends/family. This is a lot like that but instead of promoting NoMoreRack, you're promoting their sister website, BidRack.

BidRack is an online bidding website, where you can score TOP QUALITY items for an unheard of price. I'm talking $30 for an iPad, or $4 for 46" TV!! It's THAT good! Here's how it works...

1. Sign up at BidRack
2. Purchase a bid pack
3. Bid to win!

This is a great promo as you can not only score some great deals, but you can also get FREE Apple products just for referring your friends!

Note: Referrals only count towards the FREE Apple products, if they purchase a bid pack.

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