Saturday, February 26, 2011

**FREE** 3 Personalized Elmo Songs!!!!

Who likes Elmo? Well, guess what! You can head over and download 3 FREE Personalized Elmo Songs when you enter coupon code: myelmo!! Just enter the Code and then your email, and click download. You will be brought to a screen to pick your child's name. You can pick one name for the 3 Free songs. Listen to a preview and hit next. You will get a popup where you have the option to buy 12 tracks, or select no and proceed to download your 3 free tracks. It told me to right-click to 'save target as' but that wasn't one of my when I clicked on the link to download I held down the ctrl key and they automatically downloaded to my computer. Firefox seems to have issues downloading these. I know my girls are going to LOVE these! Elmo is their favorite!!

1 comment:

  1. i got this and im so excite cause elmo is my little ones favorite!