Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NO LONGER WORKING! *FREE* $25.00 Credit to Ideeli!! You could get something nice for FREE!!!

Looks like they pulled the plug on this one. Hopefully if you did sign up in time and you got your credit and ordered...they will honor it. Hopefully. Sorry everyone!! :(
Join Ideeli and get $25.00 Credit FREE!! If you join Ideeli today, as a new member, you will gain access to a $25 credit towards your first purchase!! It's good for 14 days. Membership is free and it's easy to join.

Click “I want this special”. Then sign up and the credit will be in your account. NOTE: It says for Citibank members, but it’s letting everyone sign up for it at the moment. Valid until 2/15 and towards shipping as well. They offer different deals each day, so with your FREE credit you should be able to get something for FREE!!! Awesome right?!

Also note that you can invite friends but I don't think they get the $25 through your personal invite link. I think you have to go to the link we linked above. Let us know what good freebie you get with your FREE credit!

Thanks goes to I Love Free Things for this one!!

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