Friday, February 11, 2011

*FREE* 2 'Intrigue' Books from Harlequin!!!

Sign up to get your 2 FREE Harlequin Intrigue® books!! Harlequin has GREAT free book offers and new ones come up all the time. I've gotten a ton of free books from them!! Let us know if you'll be doing some reading soon!!

Terms & Conditions:
Accepting your free Harlequin Intrigue ® books places you under no obligation to buy anything. You may keep the books and return the shipping statement marked "cancel". If you do not cancel, about a month later we'll send you four additional Harlequin Intrigue ® books and bill you just $4.24 each in the U.S. plus 50¢ shipping and handling per book or $4.99 each in Canada plus 75¢ shipping and handling per book.* Of course you may cancel at any time and return any shipment you don't want.

The last time I signed up - I got my 2 free books but they did NOT send me 4 more books to pay for. Not sure why...but just putting that out there. Make sure to cancel if you receive a membership notice. Thanks to fan Diane for the reminder about cancelling. :) 

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