Monday, January 3, 2011

Trendy Sprouts Review

I played in Penny Pinching Polly's Giveaway on Christmas Eve, and won a product test opportunity for some flower clippies from Trendy Sprouts. I was so excited because the flowers were gorgeous! I posted on her wall and she responded in no time at all to get my address so she could mail my prize. So when I responded with my address, I let her know I was wanting to review the clips and post it here on our blog.

She was so sweet! She sent an extra clippie, which is white and has purple and pink butterflies on it, as well as this super cute Pink and White Kitty bow!! Those were extras. I originally won the set of purple flower clips which have a purple button in the middle. They are too cute!! The buttons add a very nice touch. They are all on the alligator clips which are strong. All are extremely well made. The Pink and White Kitty bow has a lot of extra detail with loops and layers and the pretty jewel in the middle. I find that pictures just do not do some bows justice. You just can't see all the hard work and little things done to the bows from the pictures.

The bow and clips were mailed in a small box and shipped extremely fast especially being Christmas time. They arrived in perfect condition, not mashed. No fluffing needed at all. Absolutely perfect! My daughter Madyson, loves to get mail that's for 'her' and was so excited to see the clips and the bow. The kitty's on the bow immediately grabbed her attention!! It's now her favorite bow!!

We are extremely pleased with the items from Trendy Sprouts! We LOVE them! They are unique and oh so pretty!! The customer service is awesome!! Such a personable business woman. I will definitely remember the great products and service and be shopping with her in the future!!

How Trendy Sprouts came about (from the words of the owner):

Before I was a mommy of a prince and princess I was first a big sister to two little sisters. My sisters would sit in a chair and I did cute hairstyles in their hair. Of course I would top it off with a cute bow. So when I grew up I wanted my own little princess to dress up. When my son arrived, I was always disappointed that there was not cute stuff for my little boy and I drooled over all the cute girl stuff. As soon as I found out the sex of my second pregnancy I was ecstatic that I was finally going to have my girl. I started buying tutus, hairbows, and lots of pink. When she was born she had lots of hair. I was able to put piggie tails on her when she was 1 month old! I knew that putting hair pretties was going to cost me a fortune so I decided I was going to make hairbows for her. While googling hair bows I came across instructions on how to make bows. Before I knew it I was making bows for her. My family and friends loved my bows and encouraged me to sell them. It took me a year and lots of practice before I had the guts to put myself out there. But before I was going to open my business I wanted to include stuff for boys. I came up with the name Trendy Sprouts one day as I was talking to my son about the life cycle of plants. Baby plants are called sprouts and then it hit me, I should call my business Trendy Sprouts. In August 2010 I started my business web page on facebook. In 2011, I plan on opening up a website to sell my products and make them available for boys and girls both big and small as well as add stuff for ladies to wear.

So if you would like some well-made, one-of-a-kind, GORGEOUS hair accessories for the princess in your life....head over to Trendy Sprouts! Browse her albums to see tons of her items up for grabs. Be sure to let her know you read about her on our blog!! She's also very close to hitting her goal of 500....only 3 fans away, lets help her reach her goal!!! Happy Bow Shopping!!

 All of the Gorgeous Clips and Bows
 The Pink and White Kitty Bow
 The White Clippie with the Butterflies on one of Trendy Sprouts Business Cards..
 The Purple Flower Clips with Buttons (flash was too bright)
 The Pink and White Kitty Bow in Madyson's hair...
 the best view I could get of the purple flower clips in Faelyn's hair...
Madyson and Faelyn wearing their bows..

I was in no way paid to do this review. All opinions are my own opinions. 


  1. Vanessa is great!! She was very generous and donated bows to my cheer squad. All the girls looked so great with their hair bows...we were very grateful!! :)

  2. She is too sweet for sure!!! I bet the cheer squad looked too cute!! :) Thanks for the feedback Cristy!! :) She does awesome work!!