Monday, January 24, 2011

Bed Bath & Beyond Clearance and FREE shipping items!! Items as low as $2.00!!

Head over to Bed Bath & Beyond to snag some GREAT deals! They have Clearance going on right now and several qualify for FREE shipping! Some *HOT* deals are: EZ Build Gingerbread Train Kit $2, Bark Tin with Bar of Chocolate $4, Chocolate Holiday House Kit $4, Wilton Gingerbread Cookie Kit $4, Gingerbread Cookie Oranment Kit $4, 1 lb Chocolate Covered Pretzels $5, The 12 Coffees of Christmas $5, Carnival Funnel Cake Kit $7, And so much MORE! So head over there and snag yourself a GREAT deal! Let us know if you get one and which one you get! :) We love to hear from our followers!

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