Thursday, December 9, 2010

Score FREE Amazon gift cards while earning $$ for charity!

If you haven't yet heard about Crowdtap, let me tell you what you're missing. Not only will you earn money VERY easily, but you'll also be helping the charity of your choice. Crowdtap donates 5% of what you earn (you don't lose any money) and donates it. On top of that, they math it with another 5%! That can go VERY far when you take into consideration just how fast you earn and how is it is.

I JUST joined and already have $3.30 which was earned by doing nothing more then clicking a website and choosing thumbs up or thumbs down. To get even MORE money, get your friends to join. You get $5 for having 10 friends sign up. That's pretty much it. Think you can handle it? Want to make serious cash? Then join now and start earning the green, baby!

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