Tuesday, December 21, 2010


That's right! It's time for the first EVER "Goodie Bag Giveaway"! Up for grabs are 2 awesome gift cards! The first is a $5 Domino'a gift card (e-card) and the second is a $5 Sears/K-Mart gift card (e-card). This is a 48-ish (lol) hour contest, so don't delay! For more details and to enter, CLICK HERE.


  1. For the bonus entry for sharing on facebook, I don't see where to comment below once you go to the actual giveaway page? I don't see a spot for comments listed there, just the actual entry form?

  2. Jennifer,

    I apologize. For some reason, comments were turned off **facepalm**. Its been corrected. Please go ahead and comment on there now. I'm sorry for the mixup, but grateful that you pointed it out! Thanks so much!