Monday, December 6, 2010

HUGE savings at Staples! It's almost FREE!

 ***EXPIRED***Staples has a huge deal going on. It's so great that it's almost free! You can get 6 dozen pens and a tape dispenser core, for only $0.41. How sweet is that? All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you too can take advantage of this insane savings!
1) Go HERE and enter "3" next to the blue pen and "3" next to the black pen
2) Click "add to cart" 
3) Go HERE and add "1" to your cart 
5) Register, sign in, and enter your info
6) Make sure to chose "SHIP TO STORE" in order to get FREE SHIPPING 
7) Checkout
 Your total will be $0.41 for 6 DOZEN pens (THAT'S 72 PENS) plus a filler! This is a HOT deal and won't last long. When it's gone it's gone so don't delay. 
Here is a screen cap of my confirmation. You can see for yourself just how awesome this is. Note: I have blacked out my personal info for obvious reasons :)

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