Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Moms Meet!! Host parties/meetings with other moms!!!

Become a Mom Ambassador Today!
The Mom Ambassador Program is a network of confident, charismatic, and commited moms who are enthusiastic about parenting and green living.

Mom Ambas­sadors lead groups of par­ents in dicus­sion meet­ings, and act as ambas­sadors to present top­ics, prod­ucts, and ser­vices that they think would be valu­able to the par­ents in their communities.

Being a Mom Ambas­sador is a great way to:
~Learn more about rais­ing health­ier kids
~Meet new friends
~Receive free prod­ucts and ser­vices for your group to review
~Receive a Mom Ambas­sador Gift just for you
~Be a voice for your com­mu­nity and influ­ence green prod­ucts and services

Ready to be an offi­cial Mom Ambassador?
Apply­ing takes just three easy steps:
~Fill out the Mom Ambas­sador survey
~Com­plete the Mom Ambas­sador training
~Agree to the Mom Ambas­sador terms and conditions

So be sure if you are a Mom you sign up for this one! Today I received 2 boxes for a Earths Best Organic Playdate Party which included: 20 coupons for free jars of baby food, coupon for 2 free box of teething biscuits, 20 infant cereal samples, 2 packs of Earths Best Tots flushable wipes, 20 Earths Best Baby Bibs, 20 Earths Best feeding guides, and 2 American Baby Magazines!!!!!! So head over there now to apply to be a Mom Ambassador!! Keep us updated on playdates/parties you get selected to host! Apply here!

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  1. I got to do that party too!! I just recently got the products for the Xlear product party... The samples were all packaged together in bags for each guest, which was so helpful. And as always, they were REALLY generous party packs!!! They even sent an extra package a couple days later, that was a hostess gift for me :)

    Check out my post at http://sunshineandsippycups.com/2011/03/apply-to-be-a-mom-ambassador/ to see some pics of my most recent pack!!

    I can't say enough good things about Moms Meet.... Such a great program!!