Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*FREE* Zoodles web browser for kids! A must have for parents!!!

You can get Zoodles web browser for FREE for your computer, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android! You can set up a personalized play area for each child with games and activities just for their age and skill level! Zoodles is a kid oriented web browser free of inappropriate ads. Your child stays on the zoodles browser and only goes to kid friendly pages. Visit the Parent Dashboard to learn about your child, set time limits, customize it to your families needs, and more.

I am so happy I found Zoodles. My 3 year old loves to play on 'her' browser. Once she learned to work the mouse (with the help of her Mimi and the 'magic' button), she became a pro! No more worrying about her going to all kinds of sites by accident or getting off of her game page. It's all right there... safe, easy, and fun! She's learned so much from the different activities. She has her 'favorites'. She now knows how to navigate the browser, which is very easy, just the click of the 'magic' button. She loves to feed lucky and do art on the doodle pad. Any parent who has a child who likes to get on the computer should check out this site. You just download Zoodles, personalize it, and your all set! For more information and to download Zoodles for FREE, click here.

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