Monday, December 6, 2010

FREE products to test and keep

If you're not familiar with then you're missing out! House Party is a website where you get to test out cool new products, and keep the items as payment. All you have to do is host a party with your friends in your home. After he party is over, you will be asked to review the product(s). This is an extremely fun and EASY way to get free stuff from big companies.

Recently, I hosted a Sing Star Dance party. Sing Star Dance is a new and interactive video game. You sing and dance at the same time (though you can set it so you only do one of those things at a time). You can play solo, in teams, or as a battle. There are so many features on the game!

This was an awesome freebie to receive! It included:

-Sing Star Dance (game) for PS3
-2 Playstation Move controllers
-2 microphones
-Playstation Eye Cam
-2 coupons for a FREE 12 pack of Coke
-$5 Subway gift card
-1 pack of Sing Star napkins
-1 pack of Sing Star cups
-1 pack of of Sing Star magnets
-15 Brochures (with discount coupons for the Playstation Move controllers)

The Sing Star party  is no longer available, but there are numerous others to choose from. To get started, head on over to and sign up!

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