Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free parenting kit (California residents)

Free parenting kit from ChildhoodMatters.org for residents of California.

This kit includes:

•Parent's Guide - This easy to navigate reference guide is filled with tips and up-to-date information on local resources and services.

•What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick- This easy-to-read book answers questions many parents have regarding their child's health and common illnesses. A great guide for helping parents determine when to treat an illness at home and when to call or see a healthcare professional.

•Puppy and Friends (Baby's First Book) - An interactive reading adventure for parents and babies to enjoy together. Filled with stimulating colors and textures to encourage brain development, babies can touch and feel puppy's fur, nose and toy.

•Obesity prevention guides - Highlighting activities that help prevent obesity in young children, these tri-fold pamphlets demonstrate interactive activities to do with children, both in and out of the home, to
stimulate growth and healthy development.

•Healthy Families leaflet - This flyer provides valuable information, including the latest requirements for parents who may want to take advantage of this program administered by the State of California.

• Poison control magnet -This refrigerator magnet helps parents keep important safety and emergency contact information readily available.

•"Healthy teeth begin at birth" brochure - Along with correlating video segments, this pamphlet gives an overview on oral health and walks parents through a baby's first visit to the dentist.

Expectant parents and families in California who have children up to five years old can order free by calling:

Parenting Kit in English: 800-KIDS 025 (800-543-7025)
Parenting Kit in Spanish: 800-50 NINOS (800-506-4667)

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