Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Fries and Prizes from Wendy's!

Wendy's has created a facebook app, where you can win some GREAT prizes! Here's how it works.

You'll need to become a fan of their page, then you can play. Once you're a fan, you'll play an instant win game. Many people (myself included) have won free fries. It get's better though. For each person that clicks your link, a fry will be removed from your fry box. When the box is empty, you'll move up to a larger size fry box. The bigger the box, the better your odds are at winning a big prizes.

Some of the prizes include:

-Ipod Shuffle
-Xbox 350 with Kinect
-Home theatre system
-Nintendo Wii
-Flip cam
.....and more!

Give it a try and share it with your friends. If they win.. YOU WIN TOO!

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